Psikoterapist Yasemin Yağlıkçı


Yasemin Yağlıkçı is a graduate of Izmir American High School, Ege University English Language and Literature undergraduate, Istanbul University Child Development associate degree and Beykent University Clinical Psychology graduate.

Yağlıkçı, whose master’s thesis subject was “Evaluation of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Resilience in a Sample of Six-Week Modified Conscious Awareness Practice”, introduced her students to mindfulness practices while she was working as a lecturer at Boğaziçi University.

Completed Experiential Game Therapy and Schema Therapy training. She received training in mindfulness and meditative practices program (1999-2000), Authentic Movement Body Psychotherapy training (2008-2010), Somatic Experience introduction training (2013) and Mindfulness (2017) at Leiden University in Cambridge, England. Yağlıkçı, who received the internationally approved (AC) coaching certificate in 2010, provided support to individuals and groups in this field.

She continues to support adults in the field of psychotherapy and play therapy with children. At the same time Mindfulness; Emotion Management with Conscious Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, SADE; Health Support Program for chronic patients and their relatives, Resilience; She offers Resilience, Mindful Approach to Education and Mindful Parenting programs.