What is Bioresonance?

In the mid-seventies, Dr.Morell, together with his son-in-law Electronics Engineer Eric Rasche, developed a device that could record, analyze, correct the body’s own resonances (oscillations) and then feed the regulated oscillations back to the human body. This was the birth of the classical Bioresonance method. The Morell-Rasche method, which has been supported by scientific studies for 35 years, has become a widely used method all over the world due to its therapy effectiveness and success. For this reason, many different methods and devices use this name although they do not perform the same functions due to the dignity of the name bioresonance. The method mentioned on this site is referred to as MORA Therapy in order not to mislead the name similarities and due to the specific effectiveness of the applications made with the MORA device.

Uses of Mora Therapy

Getting rid of addictions:  Detox treatments, weight loss, allergy treatments and addiction treatments, deletion of harmful substance frequencies which are taken from the substance itself. Although the widespread use in addictions is on quitting smoking, it is also used in alcohol addiction or substance addiction. Coffee-tea addiction, carbohydrate addiction, chocolate-sugar addiction can also be eliminated with the help of MORA-Therapy. Addictions can usually be eliminated in one session. The effect here is recorded that the person does not have a physical need for the addictive substance. For weight loss, allergies and detox against toxic substances, treatments spread over longer periods and in the form of more sessions.

Electro-Homeopathy- Bach flowers are used to combat mood disorders and stress. Raising therapeutic frequencies… Homeopathic medicine frequencies taken from electro-homeopathy programs can be loaded on the body and homeopathic medicines obtained by recording these frequency groups on liquids are given for the use of the person.

Pain Relief; Inverting the frequencies to be taken from the pain area eliminates pain, whether chronic or acute. The disappearance of the pain indicates that the energetic problem in that area has disappeared.

Color Therapy: the most visible effect of these applications is on the psychological state of the person. It is possible to relieve the depressive or high anxiety state and to change the emotional structure of the person positively.

Elektro-Homeopati- Bach çiçekleri: duygu durum bozuklukları ve stresle mücadele için kullanılmaktadır.Tedavi edici frekansların yükseltilmesi… Elektro-homeopati programlarından çekilen homeopatik ilaç frekansları vücudun üzerine yüklenebilmekte ve bu frekans guruplarının sıvılar üzerine kaydedilmesi yoluyla elde edilen homeopatik ilaçlar kişinin kullanımı için verilmektedir.

Ağrı Tedavisi; Ağrı bölgesinden alınacak frekansların ters çevrilmesi, ister kronik ister akut olsun, ağrıyı ortadan kaldırmaktadır. Ağrının ortadan kalkması, o bölgedeki enerjetik problemin ortadan kalktığını gösterir.

Renk Terapisi: bu uygulamalarının en gözle görülür etkisi kişinin psikolojik durumu üzerinedir. Depresif durumun ya da yüksek anksiyeteli durumun giderilmesi, kişinin duygusal yapısının olumlu yönde değişmesi mümkündür.