Are you eating or just consuming?

The first and most important evidence that we do this job mostly unconsciously is that we do not spend enough time to eat. The time we eat in our mouth, which is the first step of digestion, is generally well below normal. That is why he does not chew enough, does not grind food as it should, and & nbsp; we do not allow enzymes to digest them. Before the gastric secretions, which trigger satiety with the increasing eating speed, reach the brain and our blood sugar rises, we are already eating beyond our needs.

Because while consuming the next food on the one hand, it looks at our mails, checks the movements in the stock market, watches social media or YouTube channels on the other hand, & nbsp; Or we open the refrigerator and consume quickly what catches our eyes to satisfy emotional hunger.

Since such a diet will affect your health in every aspect, you can get support from experts and consult the expert team in our clinic!