Psychological Counseling

Psikolojik Danışmanlık

We can try many different ways to cope with the difficulties of everyday problems. Thinking of solutions on our own, consulting someone, reading books, watching movies, researching on the internet are just a few of these ways. Individual counseling is a process aimed at increasing the quality of life of the person based on the change in emotion, thought and behavior.

Depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, social phobia, trauma, grief process, eating disorders, performance anxiety, difficulty in self-expression, insomnia, worries and fears, self-confidence, problems in human relations, bursts of anger, repeated failures. We offer services such as psychological counseling, mindful life, and individual coaching within the framework of the holistic approach.

In this process, the soul, body and mind are handled as a whole. Personal Coaching enables you to know yourself and reveal your potential by discovering what you can do. Thus, the way is cleared for you to reach your goals in your business or private life. You can reach your goals by working one on one without telling you what to do.