How is the Approach for Sustainable Health ?
Are You Aware of Your Obstacles for Sustainable Health?

We live with technology, smartphones, computers, televisions, communication styles that make  the world small. Our homes, refrigerators, even our air conditioners are smart. We have digitized newspapers, magazines and books. Because of these, we move much less than before, we are constantly exposed to magnetic fields, and we lose eye-to-eye communication with people.

We live in crowded megapoles. Skyscrapers made of concrete and steel, asphalt roads that covered the ground, exhaust smoke that replaced the fragrances of flowers, engine noise and horns instead of bird chirps and water sounds … We accept three or five flowers and palm trees planted on the side of the roads, 10 cm of grass cover covering the rubble piles as nature!

Do you believe you are eating healthy?

Milk which shelf life of  4 months, yoghurts that do not get rancid, ready-made foods that remain fresh for months, white flour, non-infectious rice, glucose syrup, trans fats, food dyes, and those things that we think chicken and eggs because they are similar in shape; do they exist in your diet? Why don’t you think your fruits get worms? You are avoiding genetically modified grains, but don’t you consume beef or cow’s milk? Do you think the industry is just malnourishing only  humans? Do you think that cattle fed entirely with GM soy and corn feed without seeing fresh grass in their life offer you real meat and milk? Health is valuable if it is protected, do not wait to lose it to realize its value.

How many times have you had the flu or cold in the last 1 year?

How many people in the family are struggling with rheumatic diseases? What about those of you who suffer from digestive disorders, depression, sleep problems? How many people are at normal weight and how many are obese? Those who use medication due to cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure? Diabetics? What about those who suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain? There are examples of most of these around you, right? Here are the proofs of our lack of sustainable health… Besides the things we cannot change, there are also those that we can change.

You can get support in this regard. This support can be in the form of nutritional counseling, health coaching, overcoming bad habits or lifestyle counseling, depending on your needs. Do you want to make sure you get the right direction? A little tip: If your counselor is also a healthcare professional and you receive a multidisciplinary team consultancy, you are in reliable hands. Find the right people, but get professional support before it’s too late, without waiting to be sick.