What is Holistic Health?
You are not just a material body that can be repaired through chemical and physical mechanisms, just like repairing a machine.

It is one of the inevitable needs of today’s people to include mental health elements in the real concept of “health”. Holistic Health simply describes an understanding of life in which all factors affecting your health are considered together and as a whole. It is the pursuit of personal health and well-being, which includes basic self-care and lifestyle requirements, that puts all classical and complementary medicine approaches into action against diseases when necessary. Holistic Health does not reject modern medicine, unlike what you have read in media today. On the contrary, it puts the best available methodology and evidence-based preventive and therapeutic approaches at the center of its applications. In order to optimize these approaches for the benefit of the patient, it incorporates traditional practices based on ancient knowledge into this process. And most importantly, it develops practical, attractive and permanent strategies that will trigger the behavioral changes required in the patient’s lifestyle in order to make the benefit of modern and complementary medicine. Holistic Health is essentially an awareness adventure. We mean an awareness of not only your body but the meaning of your entire environment, your living space, your work, the people around you, your hobbies, your emotions, thoughts, and the place you occupy in the universe. Thus, the relationship between the practitioner and the patient is redefined by focusing on the patient’s individual integrity and the entire environment that affects him.

Dr. Süleyman Kentli