About Us

Throughout history, the concept of health has always been defined holistically in different ages and different cultures. Instead of focusing on diseases and symptoms, it is aimed to identify and correct the factors that cause them, to maintain harmony with the environment and general well-being. We are implementing this perspective at  IHN Holistic Health Center.

We produce solutions to the problems of our clients by understanding not only their illness but also themselves and their habits. In order to be a happy and peaceful person in a healthy body, ideal weight, the soul, the body and mind must be in balance. As IHN Health Center, we are guiding you to achieve this balance.

At IHN Holistic Health Center, we offer unique solutions for sustainable health and balance in  your lifestyle to your nutrition, from your physical activity to your sleep, your body’s performance and potential, the calmness of your mind, your environmental factors and harmony with your environment, your emotions and your psychology.

With the services provided by IHN Holistic Health Center, you can get rid of your complaints about your health, overcome your bad habits, and reach the state of sustainable health with our nutrition and lifestyle consultancy.

We put preventive and therapeutic approaches at the center of our practice. You can review our services with our professional team.