Mahir Aydoğar

Yoga Instructor

He started to work with his body with Taekwondo and in the following years he continued his life with football for many years. After playing professional and amateur football for 15 years, he became a fitness trainer. He was introduced to Yoga shortly after receiving his 2nd level coaching certification. He received yoga teacher training from Rishi Nath, an Indian who is a representative of a multi-disciplinary school. He blended traditional yoga with the benefits of modern science such as knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, form, and conditioning.

With its ancient knowledge of thousands of years, yoga has developed many methods for humanity to cope with and heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems that have been exposed throughout history.

In Mahir Aydoğar sessions;

He conducts effective relaxation and breathing exercises for depression, anxiety and mood disorders that occur as a result of somatic disorders and disrupt the flow of our daily lives.

It offers effective solutions against chronic neck, shoulder, back, waist pain and sciatica pain.

For individuals with common problems, in small groups or in individual sessions, some physical asana exercises, Pranamaya breathing exercises, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation techniques, meditation and mindfulness exercises aim to find ways to connect with one’s own self.