Dr. Tuğçe Kızılay

Like every doctor who believes in this way, I will tell you my introduction to complementary medicine and then to antiaging medicine.

I had a problematic digestive system and skin since elementary school. Nausea, bloating, indigestion, weight gain periods. My rashes that come and go from time to time in different parts of my body, for which a name could not be found, did not leave me for years. My skin conditions have always been given different names but tried to be treated with the same drugs. For my stomach ailments, I received diagnoses such as reflux, gastritis and alkaline reflux (bile reflux), which everyone knows very well as a result of endoscopies. During the year after high school, university and graduation, all my complaints continued despite the medication. At work, I realized that there was a mistake with this approach, only that my symptoms were suppressed but the root cause was not treated, I was doomed to live with these drugs.

This awareness has put me on a quest. I thought it was necessary to go down to the root of the diseases and treat the cause, I researched the developments in the world about this subject, I learned and applied the holistic methods I learned myself. As I saw what real recovery means, I became convinced that I could benefit patients with a holistic approach, and I made my way to explain this to everyone. TC because I know the importance of finding the balance in a holistic approach and returning to our nature. I completed Phytotherapy (Herbology), Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy (Cup Therapy) and Mesotherapy certificate programs provided by the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (GETAT) of the Ministry of Health. Because I believe in the benefits of a healthy diet and a stress-free life, I completed the Clinical Nutrition training at Stanford University, Ayurvedic Training for Health and Transcendental Meditation at Ayurvedic Maharishi University.

Finding the balance in the intestines and brain, hormone replacement therapies, controlling chronic stress, exercise, antioxidant support, that is, replacing what is missing in the body and consolidating the foundation, have become indispensable for chronic diseases such as gastrointestinal problems, thyroid diseases, joint rheumatism, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and depression. This approach is especially important for aging, dizziness, migraine, autism, chronic fatigue, memory loss, etc. As I saw its effects on diseases, I decided to combine it with neuroscience, that is, brain science, and started the Neuroscience PhD program at Marmara University, where I am still attending. At the point we call holistic health, I started Precision & Antiaging Medicine training at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, which is one of the pioneers of the functional and anti-aging trend in America in order to combine this approach with aesthetic appearance and skin beauty.

Some of the areas I have experienced are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Anti-Aging, Regenerating and Anti-Aging Treatments (Antiaging Medicine)
  • Preventive Medicine Practices
  • Mesotherapy
  • Functional and Holistic Medicine Applications
  • Metabolic Support Therapies
  • Cupping Therapy (Cupping)
  • Phytotherapy (Herbal Treatment)