Dr. Süleyman Kentli

Oncology and Complementary Medicine

He was born in Izmir in 1972. He completed his primary and secondary education in Izmir. He graduated from “İzmir Fen Lisesi” in 1991. As a grandson who grew up with striking stories about the effects of his grandfather, an internal medicine specialist, on human life, he decided to become a medical doctor and entered the English Department of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in the same year. He graduated from the medical faculty in 1997 and completed his residency in Radiation Oncology at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine in 2002. After working as a specialist in a private oncology clinic in Izmir for a year, he moved to the pharmaceutical industry in 2003. Turkey relations and corporate medical department has directed the organization of multinational companies for many years. He worked in specialties such as oncology, neuroscience and orphan diseases.

He carried out many original clinical studies in the fields of oncology, psychiatry, cardiology, respiratory diseases and rheumatology. He took part in the development and marketing of drugs used in these fields. Throughout his sectoral career, he worked in various committees and working groups on Ethics, Market Access and Rare Diseases within the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies. During this period, he never took off his clinical medicine hat. Since he had very different perspectives on western industrial medicine, such as clinician, research, drug development, licensing, and marketing, he could easily recognize its shortcomings. For this reason, he started to be interested in eastern medicine and holistic health concepts after 2015.

As he focused on Indian Ayurvedic lifestyle, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, the movement of contemporary psychiatry from Freud to Grof, complementary medicine in the European school, and American functional medicine trends, he realized the need to understand the whole for total health. He worked with Indian doctor Sangeeta Sahi to gain experience in Ayurvedic approaches.

He focused on Dr Sahi’s “Cellular Consciousness Union” theory and epigenetic theory. He finished Sahi’s “Conscious Cancer” program. TC. He completed Ozone Therapy and Mesotherapy certificate programs provided by the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (GETAT) of the Ministry of Health. Süleyman Kentli, the founder and managing partner of IHN Holistic Health Center, which started its operations in 2019, is married and has 5 children.