Dr. Dt. Asuman Kentli

Integrative Health and Nutrition- Health Coach

When I graduated from Izmir American High School and got into Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, it was clear how my future would be. It has been my career goal to cure my patients and to relieve them from their pain and fear. As a continuation of my master’s education, I completed the PH degree program in the Endodontics Department and came to Istanbul in 2001. I have always adopted the perspective of multidisciplinary approach , both in the hospital and throughout my private clinical practice

I focused not only on understanding the disease, but also on understanding the patient and his habits in order to  produce permanent solutions.

I was the happiest person in the world when I had twins at the age of 44, something like a miracle had happened. Leaving behind my academic years as the Head of the Department of Restorative Dentistry at Yeni Yüzyıl University, I decided to direct all my attention to my children. Until those years, my interest in natural nutrition and healthy lifestyle increased even more. I have completed the Introduction to Permaculture course. I worked on urban gardening and sustainable agriculture.

However, when Alya and Alaz reached the age of 1.5, my knees were injured, I could not walk up and down the stairs, without pain. My doctor diagnosed a tear in the lateral ligaments and degeneration in the knee joint. It would be a long  treatment that included alternative treatment approaches. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with reflux and I couldn’t eat anything. I did not have uninterrupted sleep for more than 2 hours anyway, in this tiring and restless flow, the diagnosis of vertigo made the last point. That’s when I said “Ah-ha” what happened to me!

Sometimes, people get so caught up in the flow of life that they forget themselves, instead of living in the moment, they get lost in a vortex dominated by worry and anxiety. That’s when I realized that I was stuck in such a cycle and decided to get out. I looked in the mirror and could not recognize the reflection I saw.

First, I had to do something for myself. I started the “Introduction to Ayurveda” course of  Ürün Kurtiç, who was my instructor while doing yoga many years ago. It was as if all the questions I needed were there and I started looking for answers. I decided to take care of my body and soul. In this process,  I received 100 hours of “Ayurveda” from my dear teacher and friend Dr. Sangeeta Sahi and “Aromatherapy” from Githa.

I have seen how satisfying, happy and enjoyable life can be in which soul, body and mind health are in balance. I started the IIN Integrative Health and Nutrition Coaching program which is becoming increasingly widespread among healthcare professionals who adopt a holistic practice in the United States, in order to go deeper and contribute to myself, my family and my environment.

I regulated my eating habits and sleeping times. I started using aromatherapy frequently in my daily life. I started practicing Yoga, Thai-Chi and Breathing again. Like every change process, this did not happen automatically. It takes determination, motivation, effort and support to give up the habits you maintain and to introduce new ones into your life and to make them sustainable. It is necessary to walk step by step and patiently. It’s really hard to get the results you desire without someone supporting you. I received this support from my husband, he encouraged me a lot in this regard. While the small daily changes motivated me even more, his determination to eat all the Ayurvedic recipe experiments I had made to the last bite without objection made me even more.

The change had begun, but of course it took time to reach the results. Thus, I decided that the “happy and good life” investment I made for myself could touch other lives. And the IHN Holistic Health Center was born.

Life constantly sets new exams and forces us to take positions. If we can continue on our way cheerfully believing that we can overcome these surprises, we will have a healthy and happy life. Now, with the IHN team, I will guide my clients on this journey. One day, you will turn into a candle that gives light to your environment in this universal journey. Even if you stumble sometimes, you will stand up and continue on the road. Just like I have experienced, you will believe in yourself and the power of your being.

Stay with love….