Esra Aslan

Yoga Instructor

Esra, who is a graduate of Izmir American College and Boğaziçi University Tourism, sees yoga as the art of welcoming life and offers her training on this path.

She completed Yoga instructor training at Vivekenanda Yoga University in India, 200 hours of Anusara ‘Path to teaching’ training and 500 hours of ‘Master path with Chris Chavez’ training. She also trained in Pregnant Yoga.

Other training abroad and domestic rigidity also work on body movement reflections and body therapies. She constantly researches the movement of the human body, the breath healing of movement, and its inner reflections, and continues to receive training from different teachers.

Among the teachers she studied, NV Raghuram, Tara Judelle, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Anna Forest, Leslie Kaminof, Cuchira Tamara, Kino McGregor and Elena Brower are the most inspired teachers.

Esra met yoga and the children’s yoga book that her father gave her as a gift in her childhood. Yoga, which took a place in the corner of her mind at that time, first became her hobby.

Afterwards, it is an art of living for her: a special talisman in which she is centered, able to create a space for herself, with her inner and outer sheaths that soften with her practice, and radiate its essence to its surroundings and heal after her injuries.

Esra summarizes her teaching as sharing my experiences of deepening with breathing harmony by using my creativity while researching the body with movements on the mat and being both a student and a teacher, being one and being healed together.

*** Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher / Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provide